Autistic person or a person with autism?

I’m not fussed about terminology but some people care about it a LOT so it’s always best to ask if you are unsure or you could find yourself on the receiving end of a right rollockin’. I refer to myself as ‘autistic’, sometimes ‘Aspie’. I don’t get caught up in the label issue because I’ve been called some things in my time and anything is an improvement on that, believe me.

The thing about autism is that every autistic person is different. My advice to anybody wanting to learn about autism is to read a variety of books and blogs and then you will see how diverse the autistic community is..

Me? I am introverted, creative and I LOVE humour. This blog reads a bit Jekyll and Hyde with humorous posts morphing into serious ones but even with the serious ones, I try and inject a little comedy into them. That’s how I am in life and I like to think this blog is an honest representation of who I am.

I write from the heart and hopefully spread some autism awareness along the way.

Peace, love, ‘n’ all that.